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    Wisdom and strategies that support engagement for students
    (Victorian Adult Literacy and Basic Education Council [VALBEC], Fine Print, 2022) Matovinovic Rosanna
    Personal reflection on the wisdom and strategies that support engagement for students. What works for your students and how do you know it is effective?
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    Supporting Teacher Wellbeing in the Classroom
    (The Australasian Vocational Education and Training Research Association [AVETRA], Research Today, 2021-10) Cook Karen, Matovinovic Rosanna, Wahr Fiona
    Student mental health issues have a significant impact on learning and engagement. Teachers respond to and manage a wide range of student attitudes, behaviours and issues in the classroom. The complexity of these needs often impact the classroom environment as a whole, and on teachers working in these diverse learning contexts, despite teachers' experience, training and professional commitment. The research sought to investigate an approach to support teacher wellbeing within this context.